Outdoor Multipoint Bridge Wifi 95Mbps 2KM range 11n-Micro 300 Multipoint

Outdoor Multipoint Bridge Wifi 95Mbps 2KM range 11n-Micro 300 Multipoint

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Bridge 95Mbps Features 11n-Micro300Multipoint

The 11n BRIDGE is a highly secure long range Multipoint transmission system. Enhanced features, including, MIMO spatial multiplexing, 300Mbps radio speed, gives the 11n-BRIDGE unparalleled data throughput capabilities of up to 95Mbps Duplex.

The 11n BRIDGE is usually fitted with an Dual polarised Omni Antenna or 90 or 120 degree Sector Antennas.

What's in the BOX?:

SIL11nBR (Single Radio) 1 x Radio (2 x Ntype External Antenna Connectors), 1 x PSU PoE Injector, 1 x Heavy Duty Magnesium alloy mounting bracket set

Now Add:

  1. 360x13 Omni Antenna - SIL 510D or 90x7 Sector Antenna - SILSAD1790 or 120x7 Sector Antenna - SIL SAD 16120 - Datasheet Below
  2. LMR 400 Cable with- N type to N type Male Connector -
    • 2 Meter SIL4CAB2Mx2
    • 4 Meter SIL4CAB4Mx2
    • 8 Meter SIL4CAB8Mx2

    Note: 2 x cables are required per dual polarised sector antenna to connect both vertical and horizontal transmission planes of the sector antenna to the Bridge Radio.

  3. High Grade, Downlink Outdoor Shielded Ethernet Cable complete with 2 x Shielded RJ45 Crimp Plugs to connect between each Radio transceiver and its PoE injector Power Supply 1 off per radio -
    • 10 Meter SIL DLC10M
    • 20 Meter SIL DLC20M
    • 50 Meter SIL DLC50M
    • 90 Meter SIL DLC90M

Technical specification

The 11n 300 Range is a class leading wireless outdoor bridge that has been optimised for long transmission distances and designed to be extremely compact and rugged. Couple that with the FREE SilverView network monitoring software and you have an oustanding feature packed solution.


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