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CCTV Applications Business and Manufacturing

Today's successful business world use CCTV for more than just security! Management use CCTV to know exactly what is happening in and effecting their day to day operations. Knowing, without doubt, when goods actually left or when customers arrived can be extremely valuable.

When high value goods are being moved, or when Contractors are on site it can be very valuable to know what really happened. When a Jet Engine worth millions is dropped by a contractor during installation, when a forklift driver hits the side of a refrigerator and the door costs many thousand to repair, when a pallet of salmon fillets is left outside the refrigerator over the weekend. When a visitor claims to have been injured by a loose pavement stone. When a procedure needs to be updated and one image of the incident proves your case for change. When customers turn nasty and abuse your staff. When a production line fault can be detected before it costs £ in loss of production. When a camera shows the driver of a fork lift the ends of his forks. When millions has beed spent on Solar Panels and the field is miles from anywhere and contractors are working alone.

And now that HD systems are available and affordable image.clarity Day and Night is guaranteed.

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