PTZ Cameras

PTZ is the name given to Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras also known as fully functional cameras.

These cameras have motors built-in to control side to side, up and down, zoom and pre-set position movement either manually by an operator or by built in programme tour or by alarm event.

PTZ cameras are most commonly used when a site is controlled by a guard locally or monitored from a remote location. The capability to move the camera to closely observe an incident or to move the camera to view another part of a site is very useful. They are also used in conjunction with motion sensors and tracking equipment to automate the area viewed and to send alarms.

These cameras are also used in production facilities for automatically viewing and controlling manufacturing equipment.


The Digital CCTV Store carries the most commonly used PTZ cameras but if you have requirements for special colour cameras or explosion proof specification we will be pleased to help. Please call us for more detailed assistance and consultancy.


Michael Grain

Technical Director

Digital CCTV Limited