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Digital CCTV Limited has designed and supplied thousands of CCTV systems, for sites all over the world, since its incorporation in 1998. We have always tried our best to match the capabilities of the equipment to the application and the available budget of our clients.

There are a very wide range of CCTV products on the market today and these vary in quality and reliability and of course price. We do not recommend or offer products which we have not fully tested and the majority of the products offered from this Store are supplied with a 3 Year Warranty, backed by the manufacturers themselves. In addition all of the products have been fully tested within the Professional CCTV Market and proven to provide the quality and clarity of image and reliability demanded by a section of the industry where every image could be the important piece of evidence.

With the recent introduction of HD CCTV products the decision to invest in this or that product has become even more difficult for the consumer. The choice of camera type and recording method and devise is vast and the range of price considerable. We will be pleased to discuss your requirements at any time and to guide you through the CCTV forest so that you make the correct decision for you and your application. After all is said and done it may be just one image which makes the whole investment worth while.

When choosing a system for your application it is essential to consider a few basic factors:

  1. Will the cameras be inside a building or outside?

  2. How close to the subject can the cameras be installed or do I need a zoom lens?

  3. Is there adequate lighting at all times of the day and night?

  4. Are there any special lighting conditions such as car headlights or direct sun light?

  5. Where will the recording equipment be sited? Can we run cables or is a wireless installation required?

  6. How will be power the cameras..... locally or over a cable from recorder?

  7. Can we integrate existing cameras into the new system?

  8. Which type of recording devise is best for our application?

  9. How many video cameras are to be and in the future?

  10. How long will we need to store the video?

  11. What quality of image will be recorded from each camera?

  12. How will we view the live and archive footage?

  13. Do we need a remote monitoring service or capability?

  14. Do we want to record audio as well as video?

  15. Do we need to integrate the CCTV system with our Access Control or Intruder Alarm systems?

  16. How much will the system cost. To purchase? To operate? To maintain?

These are just a few of the important questions to answer before you select or design a system. We are here to help with these questions so please call us and we will be pleased to help in any way we can.

Michael Grain

Technical Director

Digital CCTV Limited

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