CCTV Recorders

CCTV Recorders


Digital CCTV Limited manufactured some of the very first CCTV recorder available in the UK launching the Net-DIVA brand (digital integrated video archive) in 1998. These were based on Windows 98 PC systems with capture cards from OzVision in Israel.

Technology has moved on at a pace and we now base all our capture technology on the stable and well proven Linux platform for stability, security and specialist processing hardware reasons. As the need to capture higher and higher quality images at greater and faster speeds we need to process data at very high rates.

At Digital CCTV Limited we do not believe that you should dispose of your legacy CCTV equipment when upgrading the system to HD and decentralised network equipment. After all your organisation has invested hard earned money in what was the state of the art technology. We will show you how to integrate your existing CCTV system with a new HD system and operate old and new with seamless ease.

So should you simply wish to add remote monitoring or upgrade your DVR or introduce HD cameras into your system we have video servers for all applications and networks.

Should you wish to discuss your requirements in detail please let us know. We will be pleased to help

Michael Grain

Technical Director

Digital CCTV Limited